Week 1, Day 3

I tried really hard to be good last night.  Despite Hal sleeping in the kitchen and me being left in the hall (we never did find out where the Cavies sleep…), I didn’t cry when Mummy went to bed.  And I stayed quiet all night, only making a noise when Mummy came down to let me out.

I hated it when the others went out for a walk and left me behind, but didn’t cry all the time – I don’t want the neighbours calling the RSPCA.

After breakfast I tried to have my usual play with Hal, but Mummy wouldn’t let us.  It was so frustrating for both of us that it turned into a fight, with Mummy caught in the middle.  I really don’t want Mummy to get hurt, I just want to be able to be a puppy again and play with my brother.

Mummy has just taken me for a walk in the garden and I so wanted to play – I tried biting the lead, jumping up at Mummy and grabbing hold of a rope as we went past.  Why can’t I play any more?


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4 Responses to Week 1, Day 3

  1. Hi Zen It is a shame that you have lost some of your nice fur. Do you think your mummy will be good and knit you a woolley jumper if the weather turns cold?

  2. Zen says:

    I was rather hoping that grandma would knit me one – isn’t that what grandmas are meant to be good at?

  3. Hi Zen,
    Weren’t you a really big brave boy sleeping on your own all night for your Mummy, I bet my Mummy wishes I would do that, but I make so much noise our canine Mummy Kara has to sleep with me and if I make a noise then she paws me in the face I think that’s her telling me off so I then lie down quietly.
    I know how you feel not being allowed to play with the other dogs cause it happened to me too, but if you be good the days will fly by and before you know it you will be out in the garden playing with hal.
    Don’t want to make you jealous but I have to go know as my Daddy is taking me and our canine Mummy Kara and Daddy Gio to a big field to play with the frisby.
    Lots of slobbery kisses to you
    Love Skye xxxxxxxx

  4. Suzye says:

    I have a book of doggy jumpers & I knit them. I made 1 for a shi tzu who got so fat it won’t fit her any more! It fitted Pireni the Beddy & I have a picture of her in it.

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