Week 3, Day 7

I cried myself to sleep again last night.  I know it’s not really the done thing for an 8-month old puppy to cry, but I do so hate having to spend all day and all night in this cage.  And knowing that I can’t see Mummy is just horrible.

According to Hal, people still ask about me when Mummy takes him out for a walk – it’s good to know that they’ve not all forgotten me, although it will be so much better once I can see them all myself and tell them how I am.

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3 Responses to Week 3, Day 7

  1. Grandma says:

    Poor Zen, doesn’t Hal keep you company at nights? You were both very good when I looked after you last week and I am looking forward to seeing you again on Thursday.

    Sparky and Gizzy send their love.

  2. Zen says:

    No, Hal doesn’t keep me company. He is in the cage with me, but having been running around all day he just falls asleep. Whereas I’ve been sleeping all day and just want to play and have a cuddle.

  3. Suzye says:

    When Skoryy was 10 months old & someone tried to steal him, he didn’t just cry, he howled & was a real wolf. Until his leg got better he would often scream with the pain. Mids & Twili cry if they get left in the house while Annon or I are outside & again if they’re outside & we’re inside! Mids is nearly 21 months & Twili nearly 3 1/2, so I think you’re doing really well

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