Week 4, Day 1

Half way through this cage torture….

Having failed to get me off pain killers last week, and instead only managing to half the quantity, Mummy is having another go – so my last pain killer was taken on Sunday evening.  Please excuse me if I go a bit cold turkey….

Mummy left the radio on last night so that I had “company” when she went to bed.  That made it better, and I only cried a little before I went to sleep.

I had a play with my brother today – that was lovely.  Mummy seems more willing to let me have little play sessions as long as I go in the cage and rest my leg afterwards, as she thinks that will help build up the soft tissue and muscle and help me to recover quicker – both physically and mentally.  My leg doesn’t feel too bad after our play.


PS  Happy birthday to cousin Sparky – 3 today!

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  1. Sparky says:

    Yes, I am three today. Is that good? I had a card from Shandy, Casey, Hal and Zen – thank you. The doggie on the card had a disc round its neck. It said ‘with love’. Funny name and address.

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