Week 6, Day 4 / Week 2, Day 5

Mummy let Hal and me sleep together last night for the first time since Hal’s op.  I think she was rather worried that we’d fight in the cage as she kept checking up on us, but we were both very well behaved – which is more than I can say about Hal since breakfast! 

We’re off to see the nice vet today – I just hope he’s really, really nice and tells me that I can stay out of the cage now and start to have walks again, even if I have to remain on a lead.  And hopefully he’ll be pleased with Hal’s progress as well.

Yippee!  I’m cage free!  And I can start going for short walks again.  And the nice vet was pleased with Hal’s progress, although he has to stay in his cage for another 4 weeks.

Mummy took me out for a short walk this afternoon – it was lovely to get out of the house and garden and have new smells to explore, even if I was on a lead and didn’t get to meet any other dogs.  At one point I thought Mummy might not take me out, after I’d hidden her mobile phone at the bottom of my sandpit (it was rather covered in sand when she recovered it), but she forgave me.

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