Happiness & Pain

It’s been lovely to get out into the fields today, even if I did have to stay on a lead.  And I got to meet a couple of my friends, including a very bouncy golden labrador puppy that Mummy wouldn’t let me play with as she thought it was too lively for me.  And Zen has been enjoying running free in the fields – it doesn’t seem to hurt his leg at all, and it’s certainly wearing him out as he’s spent most of the day sleeping.

But my leg has still been hurting today.  I wish I could tell Mummy what is hurting and she could then sort it out for me – she doesn’t seem to understand where it hurts as it’s not when I’m using my elbow in the normal way.  Still, she has been making me rest my leg, and I have at least been able to have a good sleep during the day.  But I wouldn’t give up my walk to stop my leg hurting as it was getting so boring here, and lonely when everyone else went out for a walk.

Mummy has emptied our paddling pool – apparently there’s going to be a frost tonight and she was worried that the water might break the pool.  I don’t understand why it would do that when it’s been fine for the last 5 months – Mummy said something about the water getting bigger as it gets colder, but that’s just stupid.  Everyone knows that things shrink when they get cold.

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