Boxing Day

Why is it called Boxing Day? Every time we tried to fight Mummy told us off. Not much fun if you can’t box on Boxing Day.
(For an explanation:

We went round Grandma’s and Grandpa’s again today, and went for a lovely walk round a lake, surrounded by grassy banks and trees.  We all went for a paddle again, and I had a little swim, chasing after the ducks.  We ended up filthy!  I was having great fun running through all the trees at one point, but I don’t think Mummy was too impressed when I went deaf all of a sudden and refused to listen to her.  But when Shandy, Casey and Hal started telling me off, I thought it was time to come back – after that Mummy put us all on a lead as the light was also starting to fade, which didn’t exacty make me Mr Popular – the others didn’t want to talk to me on the way back to the car.  Despite all that running around, I wasn’t limping at the end, and Hal wasn’t too bad – although he was limping a bit, it didn’t seem to bother him,

We had strangled egg and chicken as a treat before our normal tea, although I think Mummy, Grandma and Grandpa had some of our strangled egg, as we didn’t have as much as yesterday.  Still, they had given us a nice long walk so we can forgive them.

Hal was a little naughty in the evening – he started playing with the TV guide and tried to shred it!  He did say, though, that at least he was playing with this historical side – yesterday and older – not the future side.  I don’t think Grandma was too cross with him.

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