Missing Fur

A few people have been asking how our fur is growing back, where we were shaved for our ops:

  • Zen was shaved about 2½ months ago, and you can’t tell the difference on his leg itself, although the feathers have not grown back fully yet.  And his chest fur is still not as long as where he wasn’t shaved, but you wouldn’t notice that unless you were looking for it.
  • I was shaved about 1½ months ago, and the fur on my leg is still not back to full length, although it’s not doing too badly.

I have asked Mummy to take a few photos of our shaved areas and post them here so you can see for yourself – but it may take a little while as Zen will need cleaning up after his walk first, and we don’t really like to pose for photos….

Here’s Zen’s leg (2½ months):

2009-12-10-01.jpg     2009-12-10-03.jpg     2009-12-10-04.jpg

 And my leg (1½ months):

2009-12-10-02.jpg     2009-12-10-05.jpg     2009-12-10-06.jpg

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One Response to Missing Fur

  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Poor doggies ~ all your lovely fur gone & it’s so cold. My fur is still growing thick & long

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