Mummy, don’t leave me!

I don’t know what Mummy was doing today when we were out for our walk, but every time I started to run off and enjoy myself, she turned round and walked in the opposite direction.  And then when I’d realised, caught her up and overtaken her, she turned and walked back again, without so much as calling me.  I’m sure she was trying to get away from me and leave me behind.  And my Cavie brothers didn’t help – they kept an eye on her and followed her wherever she went.

Apparently someone has told Mummy that I can smell her up to a mile away, but that doesn’t help when she’s out of sight and I’m panicking!

How’s this for stupid brothers – 3 of them in Casey’s cage, when there are 2 further (larger) cages going empty:

2009-12-03-02.jpg     2009-12-03-03.jpg

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