Night Walking

Mummy took us out for an early walk today as she had a few phone calls to make first thing – don’t understand why she can’t make the calls when it’s dark outside, and then take us out later.  Anyway, as it was dark, she kept us on our leads, which was most unfair – especially after we met Baxter who was off lead and allowed to run around.  Mummy said that was because he’s better behaved than us, but how can that be?  No-one can possibly be better behaved than us!

Our afternoon walk was in the light, so we had a good run around to make up for this morning.

And we spent the evening in the lounge again – we like it in there.  I’d forgotten how nice it is, after all those weeks spent in the cage and then the kitchen.  It’s just so lovely to stretch out on the settee whilst cuddling Mummy or the Cavies.

2009-12-29-01.jpg     2009-12-29-02.jpg     2009-12-29-04.jpg

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