Mummy has removed our big cages from the kitchen and left us with two little (Cavie-sized) cages.  It’s strange, but we suddenly feel as though a weight has been lifted from our shoulders – we didn’t think we had any attachment to those cages, but seeing them go we know that we’ll not have to spend days at a time stuck in there or be shut in at night any more.  And although we can’t sit up, or even stand, in the Cavie cages, they are very comfy to snuggle up in – and there is no door on the front to shut us in.  We can make them work as our space, rather than know that they are under Mummy’s control.  It makes us feel so much more grown up and responsible.

Mummy has been making good use of our new shower today – twice we had our paws, legs and tummies rinsed after our walk in the field.  We are getting used to it now, and this morning Zen (teacher’s pet) even lined up for his turn at being cleaned. 
Here’s a couple of photos of our new shower:

2010-02-05-01.jpg     2010-02-05-02.jpg

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Skoryy would comment about this, but he’s asleep on his back, legs in the air after watching Joseph on dvd!

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