One of our local pet stores had celebrations on today – are we really that famous that they celebrate a year since Mummy first came to see us up in Scotland?  OK, so it’s a day early, but then they probably wanted their celebrations on a Saturday.

Anyway, we got to have a free bath and nail trim – although Shandy’s nails were the only ones that needed doing as he was due this last week but Mummy had deliberately left him as it was free nail trims today.  I tried really hard to behave whilst being washed and dried, but was rather scared as it wasn’t Mummy doing it.  And that hair dryer was rather cold – if that had been Mummy, she would have at least made it lovely and warm for us.  Zen was even worse than me – everyone in the queue got to hear what a Welshie howl is like!  We did look all lovely and clean and fluffy afterwards – it’s just a shame that it’s been raining since, although we are trying our hardest to keep clean for a day at least.

We had a really long wait for the bath – if it had been my choice, I’d rather not have waited and had Mummy wash me instead, but Mummy said something about it all being good experience for us.  At least the man next to us helped pass the time – he loved how warm our ears are and how soft our heads are, and kept telling Mummy how well behaved we were.  I don’t think most people believed that we were only a year old.

And we got to go in the shop afterwards – grandma said as we were so good she would buy us a little treat, so we got to choose some new hypo-allergenic treats to try.  Mummy hasn’t let us have any yet, so we’ve still got that to look forward to.

Cousins Sparky and Gizzy came over for the day to join us in the celebrations, so they got washed as well.   Cousin Sparky was a little quieter than normal, but we had our normal game of rough-and-tumble with cousin Gizzy.

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2 Responses to Celebrations

  1. Gizzy says says:

    I was very good when being shampooed. Sparky was too until they tried to cut his nails. He hates his nails being done and will fight anyone who tries to cut them. They managed his dew claws only. My nails were OK. I was pleased about that as I don’t like my nails cut. Our cousins are so good when they have theirs done. Think they are just trying to show us up.

  2. Skoryy Lovok says:

    I’ve never had a bath, well, not a mumma instigatalated bath. Is it fun? Can you swim in your bath? Sham poo sounds horrid ~ why not use real poo & a good roll? (Not that I do that as mumma won’t cuddle us when we smell so beautiful)

    Must go rest my poorly leg

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