Grandma Rains

Grandma told us that it always rains in Ireland, but after 2 nice days we were beginning to wonder if that was the case – but then it rained today, and rained, and rained.  As our human cousin Rhiannon needed a birthday present, Mummy took us all into one of the local towns to go shopping.  We did find it rather boring, being in the car again and walks round shopping centres whilst the others were spending money on clothes (we don’t see the point of that – why not just let your fur grow like ours?) but we did try really hard to behave.  Anyway, Mummy got a couple of presents for our cousin and our human Auntie also got a “teddy bear gromit with a plastic bag” (well, it was called something like that), so she was happy.

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    I can’t understand why peoples don’t have fur like us. It’s Missy’s birthday today, but I’m much more interested in Piri as mumma hasn’t got a Skoryy sausage for her like I had. Unless that sausage I took from mumma’s bag was her birthday sausage……… It was delicious, though.

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