Naughty Postman

Mummy has ordered a few items on the internet recently, and various people (mainly men – is that normal?) turn up to deliver them.  With one item that was delivered today, the postman just threw it over our side gate, and left it with us to play with.  Oh what fun, having a new toy – but it wasn’t a very good toy as it didn’t last very long.  The packaging soon fell apart (helped by us chewing it), and the cardboard and paper inside didn’t put up much of a resistance either.  The plastic container was a bit more difficult for us to get hold of and chew, so that entertained us for a while longer.  There were also some tablets inside in little foil containers, but although we played with them we thought we’d better not eat too many as otherwise Mummy would not be too pleased with us.  Even so, I don’t think Mummy was too happy to see what we had done with the package – although she said that she was more cross with the postman than with us.  I think someone may be getting a phone call of complaint tomorrow…

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Our postman came to the house for the second time this week to give things to mumma as they wouldn’t fit in her box. Usually he puts the post in the box on our field gate. We bark at him, but he doesn’t seem to worry about that (well I don’t bark at him, but all the others do ~ I rarely bark). You have a very lazy postman.

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