Winter’s Back

We had loads of snow today, and gales – I thought winter was meant to be over and we were starting to get warm weather ready for the summer.  I bet my Cavie brothers regret starting to moult last week – they need all the fur they have in this weather.

Mummy did a few things round the house today for our Auntie – putting up funny things by the curtains (we tried to help, but she wasn’t too pleased with that), fitting the funny teddy bear gromit with plastic bag that was bought yesterday and playing with our cousin’s laptop – so that Skoryy can continue to add comments to our blog.  Apparently Skoryy is getting a blog of his own – that will be fun.

Oh, and Skoryy started to play with me today – I think he might like me…

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1 Response to Winter’s Back

  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Why did you bring snow with you? I was enjoying the warm dry weather. I was too busy enjoying being with you to do anything about my blog, but I will do something soon. Mumma said it was my Easter present & to make up for Piri hating me. Why doesn’t Piri like me any more? She was fine until she went to the vet, what did he do to her?

    Come back so I can play with you, please.

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