Packed Cars II

Grandma and Grandpa went off to see our cousins as normal today, but Mummy stayed behind and packed all our toys and beds back into the car – does that mean that we’re going home?  She also spent absolutely ages in the cottage without us – she said that it was to remove all trace of us and our fur, but surely we hadn’t been that messy.

We got to have lunch with our cousins, and then after one last walk we were put in the car with all that luggage and Mummy set off on a long car journey.  She said we ended up at Dublin, where we were had a walk along by the promenade.  We ended up eating our tea on Bull Island just outside of Dublin – that was nice, a grassy area next to the sandy beach and sea.

2010-04-02-01.jpg     2010-04-02-02.jpg

And then Mummy drove us a short distance, and the next thing we knew we were in a long line of parked cars, being walked round what looked like a car park, although we don’t know how any of the cars would have escaped as they were all crowded in.  We did make a few friends, though, although one couple said that they preferred our Cavie brothers to us – that wasn’t fair.  But more people said they preferred us so we are the bestest.

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2 Responses to Packed Cars II

  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    I’ve never been to Dublin or on a beach. Was that part fun? Having to walk around a car jail sounds awful

  2. Hal says:

    Dublin was boring but beaches are great fun – you should ask your Mummy to take you to one.

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