Pigeon Duty

Mummy says that Zen and I have destroyed her lawn during the winter (we don’t think it was our fault – surely a lawn should be able to cope with loads of games, running around and digging?  After all, what is a lawn for, if not for our entertainment?) so she’s put some grass seed down on the bare patches.  The only problem is that the pigeons have discovered the seed and so keep coming to visit.  Well, Mummy said that if we want grass, then it’s our job to chase the pigeons away, so now we’re on pigeon duty.  Apparently Casey used to be responsible for the pigeons, but he just can’t get outside quickly enough – just the word “pigeon” and we’re off.  But then Mummy worries about our dog flap – it’s only Cavie size, and as we only just fit through it Mummy is worried that we might hit it a bit hard on our way out and break it.  I don’t know – is it the job of Mummies to always worry so?

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3 Responses to Pigeon Duty

  1. Gizzy says says:

    I dig up the garden and anything in flower pots – it’s great fun, but I do get told off at times – why? Daddy digs the garden and he doesn’t get told off.

  2. Hal says:

    Maybe Grandma is more scared of Grandpa than she is of you.

  3. Skoryy Lovok says:

    We had to tell mumma that Snegi was eating her tree ~ the lovely new one by the front door, then Snegi & Bo got out & kept me prisoner in the feed shed. Mumma moved them back to the field, Nasty man put them out on Sunday. Mumma said that Christy told her off for taking them out of the field & told her to put them back ~ so Piri said last night. We don’t seem to have pigeons here ~ do they taste nice?

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