Slippers and Dressing Gowns

I know I’m not meant to play with them, but my latest game is to steal one of Mummy’s slippers and run off with it.  I don’t chew it (much), just hide it from her.  Last night I managed to get one of her slippers when she was outside, and just put my nose in it – oh, what a lovely smell of Mummy.  This morning when I stole Mummy’s slippers during her shower she was not too amused and took it off me – so I then got hold of her dressing gown and ran off with that.  Can’t she understand that I just want something smelling of her to cuddle up with?  Zen doesn’t seem to have a need for something of Mummy’s like I do.

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Mummas’s really don’t like chewed slippers, do they

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