Cycle Run

We’re puffed!  Absolutely shattered.  Is it time for bed yet?

Mummy took us for our first cycle run today – the Cavies had told us about these, but we’d never experienced it before.  Mummy cycles, and we run next to her – and as she’s got a (fold-up) mountain bike, we can go running across the fields.

According to the Cavies, they normally run free next to her, but Mummy doesn’t trust us not to run off or jump up at her (or each other) whilst she’s cycling, so she’s bought these things called Walky Dogs, which attach to the bike and our harnesses, and are meant to keep us next to her, whilst absorbing any pulling from us trying to chase cats, birds, horses, etc.  She’s put one on either side of the bike so that we’re not distracted by each other when we’re running.

We didn’t go far as Mummy didn’t want to push us very hard on our first outing, and also wanted to see how our legs held up (after our operation last year) – although I think it is partly because Mummy’s not fit enough!  I think Mummy was really pleased with how we settled down running next to her – well we had to show off whenever we saw anyone else, although I’m pleased to report that we didn’t see any of our friends (that would have been far too embarrassing for our first time out).

So now we’re shattered – but a nice shattered.  I hope she takes us out again, although she may need a bigger bike if we are to do this seriously.

Here are a couple of photos of the bike with the Walky Dogs attached – none of us yet on the end of the leads, though.

2010-05-01-02.jpg     2010-05-01-05.jpg     2010-05-01-04.jpg

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3 Responses to Cycle Run

  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Sounds fun. Missy takes Middy out with her when she cycles, but I’ve never seen mumma cycle ~ maybe she can’t. I want big horse to take us out, but mumma says she needs lots of love & food as she got too thin after having her baby & feeding her through the Winter. Also mumma hasn’t got a cart yet.

  2. Gizzy says says:

    Well done Hal and Zen. Sounds as if you really enjoyed your cycle outing.

  3. Hal says:

    Will you come with us next time, Gizzy?

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