Early Morning Smells

It’s lovely being out in the fields just as the sun is getting out of bed.  This morning there were some pretty lovely smells from the night – Zen went loopy in the fields chasing after them all (and I wasn’t far behind him…)

We also found an old plant root in the fields to play with.  From a distance it looked like a rabbit’s leg, but it certainly didn’t taste like one.  The only problem is that Mummy now thinks we’re going vegetarian 🙁 .

There were loads of skylarks in the field this evening – Zen went crazy chasing them all around the field (and I wasn’t far behind).  I’m sure we did more running than we do on our cycle runs….

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    mumma tells tales of Tashka who used to stalk & kill corn cobs!

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