Practise Makes Perfect

Mummy has been getting Zen to practise his Sit, Stand, Down and Leave today, and making me do the exercises as well.  Still, I can’t complain as we do get rewarded with bits of cheese and sausage – yummy!

Mummy took us out with the bike again today – this time over the back fields where there’s quite a long stretch for us to get up speed and really stretch our legs.  There are a couple of tricky places for us to all get through on the way there (4 of us, plus Mummy and the bike do need quite a bit of room) but we made it.  It’s amazing how quickly we can cover the ground that would normally take us an hour to walk -I hope Mummy times us one of these days so we can work out our speed.

Mummy has been looking at bigger bikes on the web today – I wonder if she’s going to get one so that we can go even faster….

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3 Responses to Practise Makes Perfect

  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    mumma was looking at t r oi ka s (I think) this day. mumma said she likes the bell on the arch. A troika needa 3 horses & 3 matched horses ~ well, there’s RS & Shchimm who match, but the only other coloured is me :(. Still, they don’t sell them in Ireland :). Wouldn’t a bigger bike need a bigger space to go through?

  2. Hal says:

    Mummy says not – she say’s it’s just taller, heavier and faster – now that sounds like fun…. But the ones that she’s been looking at also have hydraulic brakes – how are we meant to win against those?

  3. Skoryy Lovok says:

    You get skatrboards & let her do all the work!

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