Spring(er) is in the Air

Our fields were full of lovely smells this morning.  It was lovely jumping around everywhere, bouncing and prancing.  I don’t think Mummy was too pleased, though – she’d given Hal and me a bath yesterday, and we came back rather mucky from all our fun.  She also put us back on the lead earlier than normal today – I don’t think she trusted me not to disappear in the Rape Seed field for another 30 mins…  And then on the way home we saw a couple of cats – why wouldn’t Mummy let us off the lead to chase them?

I think we surprised Mummy this evening – 3 times we sat quietly whilst runners went past us – no jumping, no running after them.  Do you think that’s earned us some brownie points?  I hope she doesn’t expect us to do that every time in future…

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3 Responses to Spring(er) is in the Air

  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Sitting still THREE times, you were good. Did you get treats for it? It’s too hot & I’m puppy sitting. Why is it called puppy sitting if you’re not allowed to sit on them?

  2. Zen says:

    Yes, Mummy is quite good at giving us treats when we behave.

  3. Skoryy Lovok says:

    I’m glad. Mumma wasn’t too pleased with me during the night ~ I got a little hungry & opened the biscuit tin. I left it on the table, with the lid, so how did she know it was me? I was very good & only ate the white cream & light brown plain ones… Puppies have gone home now & I didn’t sit on a single one

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