Agile Welshies

We got to have a go at Agility today – our first ever time.  Mummy was really careful about our legs, and the nice man made the see-saw go down really gently for us.  Hal had the first fence down in a pretty spectacular way, and was also rather nervous about the tunnel, but he says that’s because he went first, so I could learn from him and see what we were expected to do.  I managed all my jumps and was really brave going through the tunnel – especially the loose material one.

One man was so impressed with us, he asked what our Kennel Club prefix is – apparently he used to have a Welshie that couldn’t be trained and was amazed how well behaved we were – but a Welshie that can’t be trained?  I don’t believe that.

We also went to the “dog park” twice today and got to meet many of the local dogs – they all seem friendly enough.

2010-07-04-01.jpg     2010-07-04-03.jpg     2010-07-04-04.jpg

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    My agility is leaping from hay bale to haybale & sneaking in between 2 bales to steal the babies’ food

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