I’m a Druggie!

Mummy’s noticed that my leg that was operated on last year has been hurting me – how did she know when I’ve been trying to hide it from her?  Anyway, she gave me a couple of painkillers on holiday, and as it’s still not better she took me to see the nice vet today.  He agreed with her (and I tried not to show any pain again today), so now I’ve been put on painkillers permanently until he can X-ray my leg / elbow to see what is causing the problem.  He also said that he may have to examine it with a scope – what’s one of those?  Is it painful?

Here’s a photo of Shandy trying to look angelic:


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One Response to I’m a Druggie!

  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    That sounds frightening. I got hold of Piri’s allergy tablets & scatterted them over the floor, then got hold of our worming treats & took them to the haybarn to eat! The company said I couldn’t overdose on them, which made mumma happier, but they’re not cheap & she wasn’t best pleased with me. Piri’s were in a tub in a box in a box & ours were in the middle of the table! I’se clever!

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