Where Were The Gates?

We went to Watergate Bay today – we found the water, but where were the gates? 

We’ve never been to that beach before – it was lovely there, and Mummy also said it was much easier for Hal’s stroller than the beach we went to yesterday.  Here are some photos of the beach:

2010-09-08-01.jpg     2010-09-08-02.jpg     2010-09-08-07.jpg

I had a few walks along the beach again today – my leg is doing well and not giving me any grief with the walking that I am doing, but Mummy is very careful and constantly monitors me. 

We nearly got cut off by the tide as Zen and Casey insisted on playing amongst the rocks – at one point Mummy had to carry me and the stroller across some rocks to save us from all getting wet.  But at least we made it back OK, all happy, but very tired.

2010-09-08-03.jpg     2010-09-08-06.jpg     2010-09-08-12.jpg

(Me asleep on Mummy’s arm, and sleeping after my 2nd walk)

2010-09-08-13.jpg     2010-09-08-10.jpg     2010-09-08-11.jpg

(Zen, Casey and Shandy, all fast asleep)

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