Badgers and Rabbits

Mummy didn’t think we got badgers in our local field, but today Zen went off exploring and returned with half a dead badger – well, that proved Mummy wrong!  Mummy got it off him (can’t say he put up much of a fight), and quickly disposed of it.

But then later on our walk brother Casey found us a rabbit to chase.  The rabbit didn’t run for the nearest cover, so we got to chase it for a whole field’s length (half a field back towards Mummy, and then another half in the other direction).  We didn’t run at full speed so that 1) we could chase the rabbit for further – after all if we caught it the fun would be over and 2) brother Casey could keep up with us (he’s getting a bit slow these days – or is it we’re getting faster?)  It was such great fun, and Mummy didn’t seem to mind (although don’t tell my specialist as he did say I wasn’t meant to chase rabbits any more).

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