Water and Heat

Mummy’s been washing our beds / bed covers over the last 2 days, and not wanting us to make them all messy immediately she decided to give us all a bath.  And then feeling sorry for us, she put the central heating on – she says it is to stop us getting cold and also so she can test it out this year, but I’m sure she’s not complaining.  Only problem is that one of her radiators has now started leaking – that’ll teach her!

We didn’t even get to go swimming before our bath – Mummy thought with Zen’s leg resembling a pin cushion after having to give blood yesterday it would be better if we waited until it had healed to prevent any risk of infection.  Oh Mummy, you do worry so!

I don’t know what our Cavie brothers have eaten this evening, but can we please have some of it – Casey has been chasing Shandy, and Shandy has been chasing the vacuum cleaner!

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