Our New Drying Jumpers

Mummy didn’t tell us before, but our new fleecy jumpers can also be used as drying jackets.  Zen and I don’t like the hairdryer, so we are normally left to dry ourselves, but it’s a bit cold to do that this time of year.  But these new jumpers help keep us warm whilst we are drying, dry us faster and help straighten our fur whilst it dries.  And Mummy says it even seems to make our fur a bit softer and fluffier.  Here are some photos of us drying after our bath today:

2010-12-12-03.jpg      2010-12-12-05.jpg

2010-12-12-09.jpg     2010-12-12-10.jpg     2010-12-12-11.jpg

And a couple of photos of brothers Shandy and Casey from this morning:

2010-12-12-01.jpg     2010-12-12-02.jpg

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