Silver Puppy

I passed!  I passed!  Yeah, I passed my silver obedience today.  I’m such a happy puppy and Mummy is so proud of me.  And then we got to do a few fun things like recall through Mummy’s legs,and weaving through her legs as she walked.  And she’d started teaching me which side to recall to.

It was rather crispy for our walk this morning, but not too bad:

2010-12-18-01.jpg      2010-12-18-02.jpg

We had snow this afternoon – and loads of it.  We loved playing out in the snow – here’s a few photos of us:

2010-12-18-03.jpg     2010-12-18-04.jpg

2010-12-18-05.jpg     2010-12-18-06.jpg     2010-12-18-07.jpg

(Can you see the snow on my nose in the last photo?) 

And here’s one of Hal taking over Mummy’s pillow at bed time:


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  1. Clever Zen passing your Silver Obedience. You will have to get Mummy to frame the certificate.

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