Non-Infection Vets

We went to the vets this evening, and for the first time I didn’t have an ear infection!  In fact the vet said both Hal’s and my ears were very clean.  I haven’t had an ear infection since January – that’s very good for me as I’m forever swimming in mucky water or rolling around in mud!

Mummy took us out for a walk before the vets in the hope that she would get rid of some of our energy – oh, what an opportunity to let her know how we felt…  We found some really smelly horse poo and had quite a picnic on it.  Mummy had to give us all treats and brush our teeth before we went to the vets to try to get rid of the smell.

I’m pleased to report that both Hal and I are fine – our legs were checked and they all seemed OK, along with our hearts, teeth and ears.  And we had our annual injections.  Both Hal and I have put on weight since last October, but that’s not surprising for Hal as he was only just starting to walk again at the time his weight was last taken.  The nice vet confirmed that we’re still very slim, so the extra weight must all be muscle.

Casey may have to have an op, though – he’s got a lump on his chest (it’s been there for around 15 months, but this is the first time it’s been big enough for any fluid to be taken for testing).  We’ll know more next week, once the results come back…

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