Sinking Canals

Oooo, we got to go for a walk along a canal today.  We started off at a stream, which allowed us to paddle and have a splash (although Casey is so little that he could swim), and then we headed to the big canal.  Hal was first to go in for a swim – oh, that was so funny.  He thought he could walk on water, and suddenly he was sinking, totally under the water, nose and all.  He panicked a little, and immediately swam back to the side for Mummy to fish him out – silly boy.  And then I saw some ducks and decided to jump in and swim after them – like Hal I totally disappeared under the water, but at least I kept swimming after the ducks when I surfaced.  But when Mummy called me I too realised that I couldn’t get out on my own, so Mummy’s fishing skills were needed a second time.  But it was so much fun, and now we’re all tired.


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