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A Worthy Leader

I’m trying to prove that I’m now ready to take over as pack leader, so I caught us all a rabbit for breakfast today – Shandy’s never caught a rabbit for us.  Don’t think Mummy was too impressed, though 🙁

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Food Update

Mummy has phoned a few more food companies today, and received some email replies, but she’s still not found anything with a low enough protein for us, other than a food that is designed for dogs with kidney problems.  That … Continue reading

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Protein Levels

Mummy phoned the nice specialist vet today to give him an update on my progress – I think he was quite pleased with how I’m doing. But he also said that he wants Mummy to put me on a food … Continue reading

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Mummy has bought us some Ribbies, and we each had one both yesterday and today – and they are lovely!  We’ve been on our best behaviour since they arrived just so that we can have one. Apparently they are New … Continue reading

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Rabbit Food

Mummy cut a big carrot into 5 this evening and we all had a piece (including Mummy) – but what are we meant to do with it?  We’ve never had anything like that before.  We watched our Cavies brothers as … Continue reading

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Herbal Addictions

Having found a herbal solution for Zen’s sensitive tummy, Mummy has now gone crazy with finding other herbal solutions for every day problems – flea control, prevention of worms, teeth cleaning, stress, etc.  She says that she wants to reduce … Continue reading

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Ready Meals

Mummy has decided that we eat our food too fast – she says that in the wild we’d have to work for our food and we just have it far too easy.  Well, she doesn’t exactly work for her food … Continue reading

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