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Wet Puppies & Halloween

It’s been raining most of today, but we didn’t notice it when we went out for our first walk today – after all, we did spend a fair amount of it swimming in the water (or looking for ways in … Continue reading

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I’m in Training for the Grand National!

Well, the vet may say that I’m not allowed to run too much, jump or do any agility, but what does he know?  I just love being a puppy, and a Springer puppy at that.  When Mummy saw me running … Continue reading

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Surprises Part 2

Happy Birthday Mummy! We’ve found out what Mummy bought us to help celebrate her birthday – fluorescent coats for our early morning walks.  And these ones are quilted – as we have to be kept so thin and we don’t … Continue reading

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Nose Bleeds

I’m sorry Mummy.  I didn’t mean to do it.  I hope it doesn’t hurt too much. I was having so much fun playing with another dog in the fields this morning that I didn’t think when I went bounding back … Continue reading

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It’s Mummy’s birthday soon and we’ve been trying to decide what to get her for her birthday. We don’t have much pocket money but would like to get her something special – any suggestions? Mummy ordered us a pressie to … Continue reading

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A Man At Last?

Mummy caught me lifting my leg when I went to the toilet today – it’s the first time she’s seen me do that.  I didn’t lift it much – certainly not enough to leave my scent any higher than the … Continue reading

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Elbow Warmers

I’ve been struggling a bit with my elbow over the last couple of days.  Mummy thinks it might be because of the weather – it’s suddenly got quite a lot colder. So she’s been investigating some solutions for me, but … Continue reading

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