Back Home

We back home today.  It’s nice to be home, but somehow our fields don’t seem as interesting as they did before we went on holiday.  When can we go away again, Mummy?

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Yet More Sand and Sea!

We had such a fun day yesterday that Mummy took us back to Wells-Next-The-Sea today.  We arrived before low tide, so there was even more sand for us to enjoy, and loads of little water streams – see the photo album on our website for videos of us swimming and playing and digging in the sand.  Here’s a few stills of the fun we had (and Hal starting to get brave in the water):

 2011-09-09-03.jpg     2011-09-09-20.jpg     2011-09-09-23.jpg

In the afternoon we played in the sand dunes – we found interesting items like claws of crabs, and Mummy then threw then into the scrub for us to go and find.  The only problem was that if Casey got the item first, he would then eat it – so we would then have to find something else equally interesting for Mummy to hide for us, like half a dead bird or various other bits of wildlife…

2011-09-09-43.jpg      2011-09-09-44.jpg     2011-09-09-50.jpg

And as usual we ended the day totally exhausted, but happy:

2011-09-09-56.jpg     2011-09-09-57.jpg     2011-09-09-59.jpg

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Loads and Loads of Sand

Mummy took us to Wells-Next-The-Sea today, and the beach was just huge!  We arrived around low tide, and it took us ages to even be able to see the sea!  But we found a lovely channel to have a play in, and then some water streams across the sand.

 2011-09-08-06.jpg     2011-09-08-13.jpg     2011-09-08-15.jpg

Mummy said only 2 walks today as we are starting to get tired from all the fun and she didn’t want our elbows to start complaining.  But what she didn’t tell us was that our second walk would be all the way to Holkham, along the beach.  And even better there were sand dunes along most of the way, where we could play and run and hide and jump and generally enjoy ourselves.  But as our elbows started getting a little tired on the way back Mummy put us on leads so we didn’t overdo it – oh Zen was such a big baby over that and screamed all the way back to the car!

Here’s us looking rather tired at the end of the day:

2011-09-08-29.jpg     2011-09-08-30.jpg     2011-09-08-38.jpg

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Mr & Mrs Sealy

Oh, we went to one beach today where we saw loads and loads of seals – at one point there were 5 seals all tracking us down the beach.  And Mr Sealy put on such a display for us – see the photo album on our website for videos, but here are a couple of photos:

 2011-09-07-46.JPG     2011-09-07-57.JPG

We got to have a lovely run on the beach as well, and play in the sea:

2011-09-07-22.JPG      2011-09-07-24.JPG     2011-09-07-25.JPG

Here’s me looking rather tired after our fun on the beach:


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Running the Marathon

Not such a nice morning – rain, rain, rain.  So Mummy decided to take us to a park instead of the beach.  So off to Sheringham Park we went, where there are various nature trails that we can go on.

We walked the 2-mile walk first as a starter.  But that wasn’t enough for the two of us, so Mummy left the Cavies with their cousins, and then took us round the 2-mile walk a second time, but this time we did it at a run – well, as much of a run as Mummy could do!  She seemed rather unwilling to run down the steep slopes – don’t know why.  Guess it’s that 2-leg problem again!  And then we all went for another walk in the afternoon – about 3 miles this time…

 Here’s a photo of me resting after our run:


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Seal Hunting

Winterton on Sea today, and we met our first ever seal.  Oh, he was so sweet – he tracked us all down the beach, and all the way back again.  I think I like seals…

And we got to play on the big sandy beach and paddle in the water – that was such fun.

2011-09-05-01.jpg     2011-09-05-07.JPG     2011-09-05-10.JPG

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Exploring North Norfolk

We went exploring round the top of Norfolk today – old Hunstanton and Brancaster.  But it started raining in the afternoon – hey, I thought we were meant to have sun on our holiday 🙁

Mummy did get us into a car park free, though, so that we could go and check out a beach.

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