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Limping Cars

Mummy’s been checking the tyre pressure on her car – two tyres pumped up and now the motor of the tyre thingy has decided to give up and go on holiday.  Do you think her car will now limp?

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Shattered Mummy

Mummy’s shattered – she’s dug up 12 shrubs today that have been in the ground for 14 years.  I hope this means an early night and extra snuggles…

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Paddling Pools

Our new paddling pool arrived today – we hope Mummy can put it up this weekend.  This is a special paddling pool for dogs – it has non-slip plastic in the bottom and no blow-up areas that we can puncture.

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Little Fire Rockets

Little Fire Rockets – that’s how Mummy described us on our walk this morning, with all the running around we were doing.  Darting around in all directions….

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We’ve Got New Food!

Mummy was talking to the owner of a small dog food company a few weeks ago about dog food in general and our particular requirements and he challenged Mummy to give his food a try.  He sent through 6 sample … Continue reading

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Growing Puppies

Mummy made us wear our rain coats this evening – having bathed us all today she wanted us to remain clean for at least 24 hours and thought this was the best way of achieving it (we had rain much … Continue reading

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Drying Coats and Beds

Thank you, Mummy, for repairing my bed after my stupid brother borke the zip.  Why didn’t he attack his own bed – oh, forgot, he already did.  Velcro seems much safer than zips whenever my brother is around. Mummy’s got … Continue reading

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