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New Toys – Not!

We thought we’d got new toys today and were so happy…  The nice courier man threw the toys over our side gate and left them for us to play with.  We had to fight our way through some plastic to … Continue reading

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Whistle Hunter

Mummy managed to lose our whistle when we were out walking yesterday – she only noticed once we’d got home.  So today she decided to retrace our steps, and told us that there would be a special treat for us … Continue reading

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Gardening Help

Mummy wanted to give the garden a good clip before the winter, so Grandma and Grandpa offered to come round and help – which meant we got our cousins Sparky and Gizzy to play with. Once Mummy had butchered about … Continue reading

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Mummy thinks that I’m starting to calm down now and act more like a young adult.  I haven’t chewed any of my beds for at least a couple of weeks, and I don’t get so excited playing with her.  I … Continue reading

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Mummy took us all to the vets today.  There were so many things that Mummy wanted the nice vet to look at that she had to write a list. Shandy – he had his annual health check, his annual boosters, … Continue reading

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Zen the Action Man!

Hal still has to stay on a lead on his walks, but the other 3 of us went off for a good run today.  We were right over the other side of the fields when Mummy called us back – … Continue reading

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Mummy took us all out for a couple of walks today, and although I had to stay on the lead she didn’t make me use the stroller at all.  It was lovely being able to interract with other dogs, smells, … Continue reading

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