An Early Night? – I’m a Teenager!

As there wasn’t much on the TV last night and Mummy had to get up early today, she though we’d all have an early night last night.  But I’m a teenager – I’m not meant to do early nights!  Hal let me down by settling down in his cage when Mummy put him to bed, but I was not having any of it.  I cried so much that in the end Mummy came to check up on me as she was worried that I wasn’t feeling very well, but when she let me out of the cage I just hugged her like crazy so she couldn’t put me back in there.  I tell you, there’s no way I’m having an early night tonight!

So why were we up early? – well, after the number of teeth that Casey had to have removed recently, Mummy wanted Shandy checked to ensure that he doesn’t have any problems.  He’s not got smelly breath (well, not as smelly as mine – but that’s because I scavenge in the fields) and has not been feeling unwell, but Casey must have had bad teeth for a while before he started to feel unwell.  And Mummy wanted Shandy checked in 2009 so that she can start the new year fresh, with no ops hanging over us – but talk about leaving it to the last moment!  The only good thing is that the vets close at 1pm today, so we should get Shandy back earlier than normal.

Well, Shandy was home by 12:45, and didn’t seem too wobbly on his feet, but was really tired.  He wanted to come out on our walk with us, but Mummy didn’t think he was up to it, so she got a dog bag out and carried him whilst we ran around everywhere.  But then it started to hail and he started to get cold, so Mummy took him home before continuing on our walk with the three of us.  He’s been sleeping for most of the evening, although he did stay awake long enough to eat over half of the strangled egg that Mummy made as well as his normal tea (soaked in water to make it soft for him).  Mummy says he had 6 teeth out, so nothing in comparison with Casey’s 15.

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