Poor Little Casey

Apparently Casey is going to get wobbly legs on Monday.  Mummy took him to the vets today as he’s got a loose tooth and his gums were bleeding quite a bit when Mummy brushed his teeth on Wednesday.  His teeth have always been bad compared with Shandy – which is strange as they are brothers.  But we don’t understand why he gets wobbly legs when it’s his teeth / gums that are the problem.  The nice vet has given him pain killers and antibiotics, so hopefully he’ll brighten up a bit before Monday.

But that means that we won’t be able to take over Casey’s cage – Mummy has told us that at best we’ll have to ensure we share it with him, and at worst we’ll have to leave it for him and Shandy to share.  So I’m making the most of it at the moment.

I think Mummy is rather glad that she has insurance for us – it’s been quite an expensive 3 months.  But they always say things come in threes, and that’s the 3 operations, one in each of Sept, Oct and Dec.

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One Response to Poor Little Casey

  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Good luck, Casey. I met the horsey vet & he stuck a huge needle into me. Midnight & Chut’ty tell me that I was lucky ~ they met the doggy vet & he stuck needles into them, but after they woke up they had holes in their tummies. I don’t think I fell asleep with the horsey vet. Why can’t mumma get me a nice mummy vet, not a nasty daddy vet?

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