Sick Little Puppies

Sorry we’ve not updated our blog for a couple of days, but boy have we been sick.

We were fine up to Monday afternoon, but then things started going downhill.  When Mummy went to collect Casey from the vets, we were both sick outside in the garden.  And then we continued to be sick all evening – although Hal was worse than me, but I then made up for it in the night, being sick in my cage.  We didn’t eat any tea other than sharing Casey’s strangled egg, and no breakfast either.

Tuesday we were both feeling really under the weather and didn’t want to do anything but sleep.  We had strangled egg at lunch time to try to get us to eat something, and managed to keep that down.  Hal refused tea, but I managed to eat mine – and then regretted it later as I had Mummy up in the night cleaning up after me.

We missed breakfast again yesterday, and then had strangled egg again for lunch.  But good news was that we managed tea yesterday and kept it all down.  And we’ve been making progress since then.

But boy did 2½ days of really being sick take it out of us.  And on top of that Hal managed to hurt his leg, so he was really limping yesterday as well.

We’re now starting to play again, although Mummy is being really strict with our play time, making us rest until we’ve built up our strength again.  But we don’t mind, as we still fell a little weak.

And what caused it? Well, the farmer was spraying the field when we went out for our walk on Monday afternoon, and although Mummy kept us on a lead past the field he was spraying, she’s worried that we picked some chemicals up.  Other than that she can’t think of anything else that would cause us to be sick – Hal doesn’t exactly get out much these days, and still stays on the lead for the whole of his walk, and Shandy & Casey eat the same food as us.

Well, Mummy has reported the incident to the County Council’s Rights of Way team, and they are currently investigating – don’t know if we’ll hear anything, but if it stops us being ill again it will be worth it.

Oh, and Casey is doing really well after his op – he’s back to eating his food normally and seems happy again, even letting us share his cage with him.

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