Yes, we’re back!  Sorry for our lack of updates, but Mummy has been really busy recently – something called work – so she’s not been able to help us update our blog.  Still, we can’t complain as we’ve been getting 2 lovely long walks in the snow every day and plenty of cuddles.

We do like our new coats – they are not warm (Mummy didn’t think we needed warmth as she wants us to develop good coats of our own so we can play in the garden without getting cold), but they do stop the chill wind from getting to our backs and sides and keep our tummies nice and warm / clean.  Quite a few people have commented them.  And when it starts raining once this cold weather has gone (where does it go to?), we should be able to keep nice and dry on our walks.

I’m sure Mummy thinks that I’ve got a glove fettish, as I keep trying to steal one of her gloves when we’re out walking, and if I succeed I then run off with it and hold it hostage in return for a treat – it’s great fun, but Mummy says that her hand gets cold whilst we are playing.

It’s been really cold here recently – down to -6.9C, which I understand is cold for this far south.  I don’t know how Mummy Kara, Daddy Gio and Sister Skye cope in Scotland, where it’s meant to be much colder.

I’m pleased to report that we still have all of our Xmas toys that we got last week (unlike Sister Skye who commented that she’s had a few taken away from her), but that may be because Mummy has only given us 2 to play with so far.  We have so many toys already that Mummy said she would ration them throughout the year.

We met loads of our friends when out walking this morning and afternoon – big Oscar, Amber, Indie, Dylan, Sammy, Winston, Jonty and loads of others who we’ve not introduced ourselves to properly yet.  It’s so lovely to be able to catch up with everyone and show them how mature we are becoming.

Here’s some photos of us all snuggling up together to keep warm.

2010-01-07-01.jpg     2010-01-07-02.jpg     2010-01-08-01.jpg

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2 Responses to Catch-up

  1. Skye says:

    Hi Brothers,

    We don’t get out for very long when out playing, as it was -12 degrees yesterday and mummy says it’s just too too cold and mummy kara doesn’t like the cold,she’s too used to sitting curled up with mummy at 25 degrees on the sofa…. well that’s when i’m not cuddling her, but when i’m in the garden i am rather naughty and stay out even when i’m told in what sounds like an angry voice to come in,heehee it took mum 30mins the other day, so now she just leaves me until i come to the door. Mummy Kara and Daddy Gio are real wimps they both prefer the warmth in the house, i think they are getting old haha. Maybe mummy could buy them the coats you boys have and they’d like it outside better.
    Well it’s dinner time yum yum as we are having a treat of lovely cooked ham. Love ya boys xxxxxxxxx

  2. Hal says:

    25C – gosh that’s positively tropical! Mummy keeps our house around 17C – she says that way we will grow good thick coats for the winter, but I think she’s just trying to save the pennies. We eat almost twice as much as we are meant to for our weight and are still skinny as a rake!

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