What a lot of things we had to chase on our walk this morning.  The farmer drove past us 3 times, and the first time Zen tried to chase the truck to get rid of it as he didn’t like being restrained in the fields.  And then towards the end of our walk we got a real live rabbit to chase – our first ever.  It was so fast, I couldn’t keep up with it.  Zen managed to take a short cut and get closer to it that me, but still it was too fast for him.  I was very good and returned to Mummy as soon as it went into the next field, but Zen just kept chasing it for ages.  And when he did eventually come back, he then started working the fields to try to find the next one – all his breeding came out in him as he worked that field, other than the “come” command, which seemed to get sacrificed in the excitement.

This afternoon was less exciting – we only had each other and Casey to chase, along with a few birds.  But Mummy took us on a lovely long walk – time for a snooze now.

Mummy had Country File on during the evening, and there was a sheepdog rounding up ducks – seems rather a strange idea to me (why not just chase them?), but Zen was fascinated by it all.

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  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    I round up the ducks for mumma. She loves it when I help her, but gets really mad if any of us chase them or her chickens. Chut’ty & I cornered as chick for her once as it refused to go to bed & we kept it in 1 place until she caught it. I got eggies for that. Sometimes mumma lets me help myself to eggs in the poultry house*

    *old ones!ed. mumma

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