Irish Eyes

How did that happen? – when we went to bed we were in the UK, and when we woke up this morning we were in Ireland.  Is Mummy really that clever that she can transport us whilst we are asleep?

Hang on – Ireland – that means Skoryy.  SKORYY, we’re on our way to see you….  Keep those forests for us.

Skoryy, Twilight and their brothers / sisters took us for a walk up the mountain this afternoon – that was fun, and certainly blew away the cobwebs from all that travelling.  And Skoryy seems to accept us as a friend, which is good.  Now we just have to win Twilight over – I think she’s a bit put out as we’re not part of her pack.

We like Skoryy…

Casey had a funny turn this evening as the smoke alarm in the cottage kept tweeting.  We all thought it was sweet, like a bird, but something about it made Casey go all funny and shake (he’s such a sensitive thing).  Grandpa took pity on him and made the owner of the cottage come out and do something with the smoke alarm to stop it making a noise – we hope that it now behaves itself, as we don’t like seeing our brother like that.

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2 Responses to Irish Eyes

  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Twiglet is our pack leader, but she’s been picked on by a doggy she knew years ago, who has become leader of her own pack, so she was a little worried that you might be nasty to her as you have your own pack. Give her a few weeks & she’ll like you as well ~ it took her months to acknowledge me

  2. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Poor Casey ~ birds can be dangerous, so I don’t blame him for shaking. Mumma tries to get any birds out of the house before the cats eat them

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