Party Time!

We’re 16 months old today, and Mummy is taking us to a party – apparently there are going to be 9 dogs there.  Ooooooeeeeeee!

To get us ready, Mummy gave us all a bath this morning.  She used something called a grooming noose to keep us still – that’s not fair, as we weren’t able to run off half way through, covered in shampoo and all slippery so that she can’t catch us.  Why are there so many products that allow Mummys to get one over on us puppies? – we need to start designing things we can use against them….

Well, we’re back from our party now – we had good fun, even if we had to show off all our training (but we did get good treats for doing so!).  Here are a few photos from the day – if you want to see the rest, you’ll have to go to our photo album on our main website (….

2010-06-04-24.JPG     2010-06-04-27.JPG     2010-06-04-48.JPG

2010-06-04-39.JPG     2010-06-04-52.JPG

2010-06-04-47.JPG     2010-06-04-64.JPG     2010-06-04-19.JPG

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One Response to Party Time!

  1. Skoryy Lovok says:

    Not fair, is it. Chut’ty did use a lead against mumma, though. Mumma put us on 3 leads all joined together (she called it driving reins, but it could attach to 3 collars!). Chut’ty wrapped his bit around & around mumma & then panicked, pulling the lead tight & tying mumma to the spot. So I can escape from nasty men, mumma has my harness on loosely, but I can escape from her, too IF I feel the need to. On Sunday, I stopped & refused to go. My harness nearly came off 3 times before mumma gave up & took my lead off & then I trotted quite happily & behaved myself perfectly

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