Gardening – Again

Mummy has been in the garden for the 3rd weekend in a row.  Do you think we’re going to have any garden left at this rate?  She says that she’s getting it ready for the winter, and it’s taking longer this year as she didn’t do much last autumn (Zen and I were both confined to cages this time last year following our operations, and we didn’t like Mummy leaving us to go outside).  There certainly seems to be a lot of greenery disappearing, but our garden is getting lighter as a result.  Here are some photos of how the garden is looking:

2010-10-10-05.jpg     2010-10-10-04.jpg     2010-10-10-03.jpg    

2010-10-10-06.jpg     2010-10-10-08.jpg     2010-10-10-07.jpg

I got to have some more walking time off lead today – I hope that Mummy will soon let me off for the full walk.

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