Poorly Elbow

Oh no, Hal’s done his elbow in today.  🙁

We had been out on a walk in the fields with Mummy and our Cavie brothers, and Hal was running around and bugging me as much as always.  And we met a lovely 6 month old puppy to play with.  And then Mummy put us all on leads and started walking back home along the road – we generally go back that way so our paws can get cleaned and dried by the pavement, rather than coming straight out the field into the house.  We were part way home when Mummy met one of our friends – a lovely man who walks two greyhounds for his neighbour.  He stopped to have a chat with us and gave Hal and me a cuddle as he always does.  And Hal had a bit of fun trying to grab a plastic bag out of his hand.  It was all such innocent fun, but as soon as we started to walk away Hal couldn’t put any weight at all on his leg / foot.  As it was so sudden and extreme, Mummy assumed that he’d stepped on something and maybe had a thorn in his pad (that’s happened to me before and it’s agony – but as soon as Mummy has removed the thorn all is OK again), but Mummy couldn’t find anything.  She tried walking him again, and he still couldn’t walk, so Mummy rechecked his paw and massaged his leg, elbow and shoulder, but she couldn’t find anything wrong.  Mummy was trying to work out how to carry Hal home whilst at the same time walking the 3 of us, but Hal said he’d try to hobble home so she didn’t have to (he’s such a heavy weight for Mummy, and it wasn’t too far for him).

Well, Mummy made Hal rest all day, not letting him move around much, and I’m pleased to report that his leg is getting easier for him to walk on.  We’re all hoping that he just landed awkwardly and twisted it and that it will recover quickly.  But brother Hal, you do still need to be careful – it’s only 3½ months since your operation.

Here’s a photo of Hal cuddling me, after I passed on hugs from all his friends:


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