School Is Cancelled

I was so looking forward to school today – Mummy had spent yesterday evening preparing lovely yummy treats for me.  And then we got to the class to be told that Indie’s Mummy had a chest infection so the class was cancelled – there wasn’t much point in it just being us.  I hope Mummy gives me some of those treats just for being good…

No, Mummy didn’t give me many treats, so I had to find my own – and as it had been so cold overnight I found a pigeon that had died from the cold.  I was very good and shared it with Hal, Shandy & Casey…  Mummy didn’t approve, but served her right!

We had a few friends admire our new calming bands, so don’t know if they are going to get any.  Mummy certainly thinks it makes us calmer and and less frantic when we meet other people / dogs.

Hal was better behaved on the settee covers this evening, whilst I snuggled up on the new fleecy cover that Mummy bought for our big beds:

2010-11-27-01.jpg     2010-11-27-02.jpg

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