New Coats & Checking Up on Gizzy

We’ve got new coats (although Mummy calls them jumpers). 

A year ago Mummy always maintained that we would never have coats / jumpers as being working dogs we should be able to take care of ourselves in the winter.  But with us having to be kept under weight due to our elbows, and Hal suffering with the cold, Mummy decided to buy us something to keep us warm – and they arrived today. 

They are called jumpers because they have no velcro, zips or anything else to keep them on (and annoy us) – they go on over our heads and front legs just like jumpers.  And the come part way down our front legs so that our elbows are kept warm.  We’ve only tried them on briefly – we’ll try to get photos when we wear them for real.

We visited Gizzy this afternoon to see how he was getting on after his op.  Mummy says we were very good as we didn’t try to play with him, just leaving him to rest.  But as he will only walk on 3 legs at the moment and needs to be on a lead when out he didn’t join us for our walk 🙁

Oh, and we’re 22 months old today…

 2010-12-04-01.jpg     2010-12-04-02.jpg

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