Sick Little Puppy

We had another sleepover at Grandma’s last night, but I wasn’t very well.  I was sick several times and kept running outside and making Mummy come out to fetch me.  Mummy thought it was because Grandma’s house was so much warmer than we are used to, so she opened one of the windows in our bedroom to cool the room down – how many people have the window open when it’s -2C outside? 

Mummy brought us home after a walk and breakfast, so that we can chill out in more ways than one and we’ve spent most of the day sleeping.  I’ve been so sleepy that I’ve not been following Mummy around everywhere, which is rather worrying when I wake up and I don’t know where Mummy is – time for me to start crying for Mummy….  We did get out for a walk this afternoon, but a more gentle one than normal.

On the way home Mummy called in at one of our favourite pet shops and got us some of those blue knobbly bones that we love but can’t get very often.  She said they’re from Great Auntie Joan and Great Uncle Ken – than you so much for them.

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