Claws and Ears

Mummy gave us a bath today – we did wonder why as it’s not been that long since we last had a bath and we didn’t think we were particularly dirty (other than Casey going for a swim yesterday).  But it all became clear this evening – Mummy cut all 68 of our claws and also trimmed our 8 ears.  The Cavie’s ears are so much quicker to trim as the fur is all one length – with ours the fur has to be trimmed close to our ears all the way along.  We’ll try to post some photos of our new look soon, but here are the “before” photos – Mummy let us grow our ears over the winter:

2011-03-17-01.jpg     2011-03-17-02.jpg     2011-03-20-01.jpg

2011-03-20-02.jpg     2011-03-20-03.jpg     2011-03-20-04.jpg

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