Perforated Mummy

Mummy’s just cut 5ft off the top of our side hedge, and it’s still taller than her.  But now she’s all perforated as it’s a very prickly hedge – I hope she doesn’t start to leak…

 2011-06-11-05.jpg     2011-06-11-06.jpg     2011-06-11-07.jpg

Mummy then did some more gardening in our back garden – and we tried really hard to help her tidy up:

2011-06-11-01.jpg     2011-06-11-02.jpg     2011-06-11-03.jpg

Hal was such a big baby this morning –  Mummy fed us at our normal time and then we all went back to bed for a while – and Hal fell asleep sucking Mummy’s fingers!

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