Week 5, Day 7 / Week 2, Day 1

I’m sorry, Mummy! 
I had a bad night and got Mummy up twice – I think I just had too much to drink yesterday evening.  But that left me a little groggy, so when Hal came near me after breakfast I just couldn’t stop myself.  2 months ago Mummy would have just left us to fight, but I don’t think she trusts Hal’s leg at the moment so she tried to break us up – and I just wasn’t able to stop myself in time.  Mummy is being very good about it, but I think I’ve hurt her.  Think I’ll just lie low in my cage for a little while.

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  1. Hi Zen & Hal,

    Oh Zen you have been such a good boy and now that you are nearly back to your normal self you will have to be very good for your Mum and try and play nice and gentle when Mum lets you have a little play with Hal, so that his recovery is as good as yours. Will now have to go and see your sister Skye as she has decided since she is getting no attention to chew her mummy Kara’s food bowl, Oh what a mess she has made of it.

    Lots of Love, Kisses & cuddles to you both,
    Janice & Andy & Skye sends big slobbery kisses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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